June 24, 2015


June 23, 2015


Build Your Dream Desk!

say hello to your ultimate dream desk! it’s your “i want my desk to look like that!” happy place that’s totally and completely y-o-u. it’s perfectly organized or perfectly messy, and piled with stuff you looooove. and we know that you dream really, really big, so we’ve gone all out to help you build the dreamiest space on the planet! 

but first, coffee! after all, you are VERY busy, and busy people need caffeine. we revamped our fave hot stuff thermal mugs (disco, anyone?!) so you can stay fueled and fancy at your desk and on the go! 

now that you’re caffeinated, why don’t you plan a ton of awesome adventures with a little help from our #omgbandoagenda? and once you’ve got your ban.do agenda, customize that thing! light up your big events in all the pretty colors with our hot spot highlighters, and mark important pages with our sticky note set. these stickies are so cute and complimentary (hey hey hey, you can do it!)

stand out in a sea of emails with our hey girl hey greeting card set. send one to your bff, your mom, chris pratt, yourself... and seal it with a sticker!! all those notes got you feeling inspired? good! grab a girl talk pen set (hello, holographic!) and pour your genius thoughts into our new and improved rough draft notebook — now sporting a hard cover and gold spirals! — or a slim and sleek good ideas notebook set. all our notebooks have a bright centerfold waiting for you inside, and are decked out in the coolest designs. pick your favorite... or, let’s be real: favorites! 

when you did your best and it’s time to put down your pen, stash it in a get it together pencil pouch along with a tiny unicorn, a couple of ring pops, and lip gloss — or whatever else you might need in a pinch. tuck love letters, magazine articles, and dance moves in our get it sorted file folder set, which also comes in some really pretty patterns, with fun messages inside! label ‘em, stack ‘em, and voila! you’re instantly organized. 

at the end of a long day, kick off your heels, put up your feet, and pour yourself some bubbly. while you’re at it, slip an it’s the drinks talking coaster under your glass, clutch for catching spills. this is your dream desk, after all!!!

June 17, 2015


BC X Ban.do

time to put on your dancing shoes! we're talking about our newest and COOLEST collaboration yet. we've teamed up with bc footwear to create a few pairs of really REALLY fun shoes that are sure to put a smile on your face. it's totally a match made in heaven...kinda like ice cream and sprinkles, right!? this collaboration is filled with all our favorite things: bright colors, cute patterns, and fun! we created two designs: our hip hip hooray sandals (available in black/white, aqua/gold, or pink/gold) and our lace up unicorn shoe (available in a light pink ticket stripe, silver metallic, and red extreme super cute hearts pattern). one click HERE and you'll be partying (and dancing) your way through summer. and if life's a party, these shoes are the icing on the cake! so put on your dancing shoes and lets have some fun!

June 05, 2015

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May 18, 2015



OH-EM-GEE! the NEW 2015-2016 ban.do agendas are here and everyone is totally OBSESSED  like...it's no joke! there are three super pretty classic covers to choose from and a NEW larger spiral-bound size in our favorite floral! what's not to love? FYI, these are gonna sell out faster than a one direction concert so you better get yours NOW before they're ALL GONE!! click here to shop!

::video by modshift with music by eric stone::

April 30, 2015

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April 07, 2015


just because…

you are very smart!

we think you’re VERY smart and could use a little confidence boost. so happy tuesday, smarty pants!

April 02, 2015


March 27, 2015


March 19, 2015


we’re famous!


they like us, they really like us! check out all our rave reviews here!

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