October 03, 2014


link love 10/3

don’t worry, you’ve totally got this. that’s sort of what we’ve been telling ourselves lately and it’s kind of empowering. we feel like we feel like we can tackle anything that comes our way, including these snow cone margaritas. and now that it’s officially october, is anyone else totally ready to break out their fall booties and bundle up with hot chocolate? oh wait! what do you mean it’s going to be 100 degrees on saturday? ok – scratch that. looks like we’re still in summer mode here in LA, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t get into the spirit right? happy friday and happy october, here’s link love!

arin’s fave instagram accounts on heart of chic.

walk in love is all about good times and fun outfits!

gifts for everyone FUN in your life on sugar and cloth.

unique bridesmaid gifts on laurenconrad.com!

these will make you cool and keep your drinks cool too!

how to grow out your bangs on color me styled.

eye candy alert on sparklife!

the cutest backpack around on a girl and her pearl!

sayin hello to october on hibrid.

september faves on modern madeline!

the perfect fall outfit on whistles & clovers!

::image via our instagram::

October 02, 2014


iphone 6 cases are coming!

hey girl gang! a ton of you have been asking about iphone 6 cases…here’s the skinny! we’re currently working on them and want them to be perfect for you guys and as they say…perfection takes little time. we should have a new stock of super cool cases available early 2015! so get ready to ring in the new year…literally.

if you’re looking for fun iPhone cases NOW, click here!


September 30, 2014


ban.do book club

remember the  inspiration wall at our old studio? well, we couldn’t bear parting with all of the images that had inspired us for so long, so we decided to get a little crafty. we collected our favorite fashion forward images from  the bunch and put them in a book. now anytime we need a pinterest break or just want to stroll down memory lane, we know where to go! here are some of our favorite pages!

September 29, 2014


snapshot – september

we love bright colors as much as the next gal (hello, have you seen our instagram?), but this month was all about detoxing from bright summery colors and resetting our color palette. whites and blacks are cool…but gold is AWESOME! this month we were inspired by gold bars, golden tickets, golden arches (we’re loving it), and the golden girls. you can kind of say we truly embraced the phrase “STAY GOLD” and celebrating this metallic hue! this is september.

September 26, 2014


link love 9/26

it’s been all flowers, candy, and pretty things this week at the ban.do studio.  as always we are cooking up some awesome stuff for you that is packed with FUN! we are putting the finishing touches on our spring 2015 collection and starting on fall … how crazy is that!?! anyway, here are some awesome ban.do links for this week’s link love:

coury from a fancy treehouse is very busy (and cute!)

taylor sterling’s september edits on glitter guide

back to school with bauble bar

a super duper fun giveaway we did with sf girl by bay

sweet cats and her sassy school supplies

monday glam with sarah’s preppy close

creatively victoria and her pop of polkadots.

book bag staples by a girl and her pearl

rre-imagine your workspace with designlovefest

get some hair swag with ban.do twist scarves via 29 and nona

kelly from studio DIY made some super sweet gem rings inspired by our gem thermal mug!

eye candy alert on sparknotes

September 24, 2014


ban.do loves tiffany pratt

have you guys met tiffany pratt? she’s just about the most colorful gal you’ll ever meet. she’s a glitter maven and a member of the ban.do girl gang and we love her to pieces. tiff’s all about bright colors, fun DIYS and having fun. speaking of fun, check out this crazy donut necklace tutorial. nothing says good times like hanging on the beach eating donuts! psst –  and see if you can spot our rain or shine umbrella!

::images via tara mcmullen photography::

September 22, 2014



 we’ll always have summer!



September 19, 2014


link love 9/19

whether you’re sad or stoked, we have to face the facts and admit that it’s the last weekend of summer. we sure are gonna miss mermaid hair, road trips, and ice cream. BUT….we are looking forward to fall. we wanna wear cute sweaters, eat pumpkin errthang, make ginger bread houses, and drinking spiced cinder! so here’s to looking ahead. happy link love!

back to school shopping for nostalgic grown ups on xojain!

getting hitched? these gifts are sure to wow your bridesmaids!

how to make your desk awesome on pink the town.

conversations we have before the caffeine kicks in sound like this.

back to school must haves on hello darling.

melissa from the sweet escape is all ready for blogpodium.

life’s little fun details on one fine day.

7 stylish work essentials under $25 on the cheap chicas guide.

everything you need for a fun home office on fashionalities.


September 16, 2014


ban.do fun

we take fun VERY seriously at ban.do. so much so that we decided to make a print of all of favorite fun things. say hello to the ban.do fun pattern. this print really says it all. ban.do is everything from roller coasters to disco balls. we love this pattern so much that we put it on some of our favorite new items including our rough draft notebook and our new iPhone case! looking for inspiration? not anymore!


September 15, 2014


pinball hall of fame!

you guys! the next time you’re in vegas watching britney, you HAVE to go to the pinball hall of fame. it’s a giant warehouse (not far from the strip) that’s filled with hundreds of pinball machines dating from the 50s all the way up to today. IT IS SO COOL! the best part? you can actually play them! most of the vintage machines were 25 cents per play and the modern ones were around 75 cents. did we mention that it’s also free to get in? even if pinball machines aren’t your thing, it’s still fun going to and getting inspired by all the fun vintage art. after we left, we started dreaming about opening a ban.do inspired pinball lounge in LA. think confetti floors and disco ball ceilings. anyone interested?

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