get ready for gatsby

we were over the moon to see that emma roberts wore the superstar bobbi to the pre-met ball screening of the great gatsby! we think it added just the perfect amount of deco glam to her pretty pink dress…very daisy buchanan-esque. as if we weren’t excited enough already to see the movie! glittery fireworks, endless champagne, flapper dresses…sounds like a party, doesn’t it? plus, an evening with our boyfriend leo and our girl crush carey mulligan sounds just about perfect. you can spot us in the front row wearing our favorite glittery ban.dos.

  1. Dhila

    you have GOT to look at this blog I LOVE the way she just posts things that she likes it’s great ioiipratsnn. On top of that I clicked back over here tonight to fall upon this post. I was so moved by your reasoning behind twirl . I take joy in knowing that my Heavenly Father takes the time to speak to each of us, and in your case in such an ioiipratsnnal way. I am a young mom of two, 1 boy and 1 girl, and will forever remember this when my 2 1/2 year old daughter is dancing around my living room. Just wanted to give you props! Love the site, and love your blogging!!!Rachel

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