at anthro (again, YAY!)

anthro twist scarves

anthro mini twist scarves

anthro mini twist scarves

yippee yay hooray!

“why the enthusiasm?” you ask. well, it’s for the brand new infinity twist headbands at anthropologie! we’re offering them in four fab colors and one of them is an exclusive.

now hold up, cause there’s more! prepare for the prettiest pony in town with our new twist & turn bun wraps. sold in sets of two, these mini versions of our best selling twist scarves can add that little something extra to your every day top knot OR double them up for a look that really packs a punch!

  1. maggie

    I am so determined to look cute while wearing a cloth headband like this. I am going to do it – congrats, looking forward to wearing one myself!

    • bando

      you’re gonna rock it!

  2. FYI – Kelly Osbourne wore the gold one on tonight’s episode of Fashion Police on E!. It looked fabulous!

    • bando

      we are so excited! love her!

  3. Eliza

    I love the pink one! Congratulations on yet another Anthropologie collaboration. Love what you girls do.


    • bando

      thank you! we love it too!

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