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confession…we have a major hang-up on sweets. it seems like every day around the same time, we start looking for a sugar fix. it only made sense that when we got a craving, we called on master cotton candy swirler, cloë , creator and owner of bon puf.  she met us in our studio, whipped up some magical treats, and we chatted about role models and sweets. gals – what’s the wildest cotton candy you’ve ever pufed up?
cloë – once a little girl and her best friend came up to my cart and asked for one giant cotton candy puf, “a mix of everything” they said! So I spun together a banana-watermelon-coconut-caramel-bubblegum puf with some pop rocks thrown in, a couple dashes of cinnamon and four colorful cocktail umbrellas to top it off! gals-when you’re not eating cotton candy, what other sweet treats do you like?
cloë – I am definitely a sweets girl so it’s hard for me to narrow it down! I would have to say anything Haribo! Strawberries and Cream, Sour Sg’hetti, Tropifruit, Happy Cola, and Mini Rainbow Frogs, have to be my top five. I am such a sucker for the cute packaging. Plus Haribo candies aren’t always the easiest to come by so its fun hunting around for them. Bay Cities Deli in Santa Monica has a good selection by the way. gals- who is your role model and why?
cloë – my parents were the first ones to tell me about Ray Eames and actually named me after her, my middle name is Ray! I love the way she delighted in creating and was so joyful. Her ability to rise above and find a place in a male dominated field and excel in all she put her mind to has always inspired me to get up and do my own thing. Sounds kind of cheesy but hey, she is a good example of girl power! Also, her attention to detail and ability to surround her self with simple yet eclectic beauty has influenced how I have shaped my own aesthetic.

and, as an extra treat, bon puf is offering followers 10% off  and an extra flavor if you book during the next week.  it’s simple, just  mention “” when booking and puf!  well, whatcha waiting for? get your confection on!
  1. maggie

    Oh my gosh, all that sugar looks like it would put me in a coma, but it would so be worth it.


      they are incredible!

  2. Tee Shipp

    Bon Puf is so delicious and fun for any occasion! Definitely worth trying.

  3. Jorina

    I am a cotton candy addict. Can’t not have some if I see they’re being sold somewhere. Ahhhhh I want some now!

  4. Jamie

    Hi! Where is that pretty gold background fabric from??


    • bando

      it’s from drop it modern!

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