introducing a new lifestyle line!

believe the hype, cause it’s finally here! after an eternity of keeping this under wraps, we can officially scream out “BOOM! WE’VE LEVELED UP”! we straight up took it there with items that are going to add some dazzle to your day! let’s see, where do we begin?

um, have you ever heard that song “papa’s got a brand new bag”? well…we’ve got 12 to be exact! say hello to our zip zip keychain pouch, flipside clutch, cross body party pouch, carry all duos, and canvas totes. all of which are pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves! these cotton candy colored purses are perfect for the warmer weather ahead. plus, the zip zip, flip side and party pouch all come with super cute charms!

next are items that’ll help wet your whistle! introducing our sip sip tumblers. they make water cooler talk…well, COOL! did we mention that they come with colored acrylic straws? no?  well, they do and they are awesome.  cold drink, cold hands?  not anymore . .   we know you’ll be super amped about our too cold to hold drink sleeves! we’re so ready to take them to the beach! c’mon summer. GET HERE.

and seeing how april showers bring may flowers, don’t get caught without your own rain or shine umbrella! they’re lightweight and have heart shaped handles, so you’ll always know which one is yours.

oh, what the tech?! we’ve got tons of new iPhone cases, an iPad sleeve that has something to say, the cutest mobile chargers around, extremely adorable ear buddies, and power cords that are straight up trippin’.

so what are you waiting for? check them all out for yourself here! these babies are sure to sell out quick!

::images via max wanger::

  1. Candice

    I just found you through Oh Joy!! I absolutely love your new accessories!! I must have the “I am very busy” pouch!

    • bando

      hi candice! we LOVE LOVE LOVE that pouch! it’s totally a statement piece for sure! thanks for dropping by and welcome to the hearts club!

  2. Tanisha

    O-M-G! Totally freaking out right now. I have never seen so much awesomeness all in one place… So I know I’m supposed to pick a favorite but I really can’t! I honestly LOVE everything! The striped phone case with the neon pink heart, the dotted umbrella, the tumbler… Oh boy oh Joy! Great picks by the way ;-D please please pick me!!! :-D

    • bando

      thank you! it’s so awesome hearing that u love everything! you picked out some of our faves! good luck with joy’s giveaway!

  3. Kaylee

    SOOO happy for y’all!! This line is amaze-balls!! Thanks for making the most prettiest items that I can be obsessed with!! Hehe! Xoxo

    • bando

      thanks kaylee! we’ve already started working on new products that we know you’re going to LOVE!!

  4. Meagan Jones

    Soooo…I just came across your site yesterday via IG & the oh-so-fab Taylor Sterling. I have already placed my first order & I’m sure I’ll be back time & time again to scope out all your pretties! HUGS!

    • bando

      meagan!welcome to the hearts club! when you get your new goodies, snap some selfies and tag us in them! we love seeing all our gals looking waaay cute in! xoxo

  5. dori

    I just love that striped bag with the heart! So super cute

    • bando

      that pattern was such a hit on our phone case, we said “why not turn it into a tote!”

  6. Julia

    I love the new line! It’s affordable and fun! I can’t wait to get my new mermaid and gold clutch and bobbi pins! I wish you carried IPhone 4s cases though! :)

    • bando

      oh yes girl! we all were just talking about which flip side clutch we wanted to buy for ourselves. we’re pretty split down the middle.

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    • bando

      thank you so much!!

  8. Alexandra Ozaki

    Your headbands are put on display because of how cute and unique they are! my friends always ask where I get my hair accessories and i point them to Bando! Thank you for making my plain hair colorful and bright and transporting me back a few decades to the girl power days!

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