What’s your Favorite Ban.do?

so now that you’ve seen all the new stuff, we’re just DYING to find out what you like the best! in the comments below tell us what you’re favorite new ban.do is and why it’s your favorite – we’ll pick a winner friday at 4pm PST.  and let’s get creative here because we’re going to be picking the best answer! if you need a little refresher, you can view all our new items right HERE.

UPDATE: winner – helen holmes! a huge thank you to everyone who entered! we loved hearing about all your favorite ban.dos!

  1. I’m torn between the “Hooray Hooray Hooray” tote and the striped Twist Scarf. Keep on keeping’ on, y’all.

    • Cait K.

      I am really loving the Dottie-themed pieces — the umbrella, the iPhone cover… The print screams spring! Although the last six months have been beautiful and snow-filled, I am so looking forward to spring and all that it entails: birth, new life, beginnings. I think the Dottie print reminds me of the colorful blooms starting to reappear and makes me want to ditch the black outfits for something more vibrant and bursting with warmth. Xo

  2. Savannah McGee

    Although there are so many fun new goodies, I must say that I LOVE the new “Power Trip” charging set. HOW CLEVER! I can not begin to tell you how annoying it is when my friends and boyfriend ask for a car charger or iphone 5 charger. (I currently have neither of these) I am still on the iPhone 4 bandwagon and my phone is always going dead. I love how this set is so versatile and works with both versions of the iphone. Not to mention the car jack would look adorable in my convertible.

  3. What a tough decision–at first I thought the umbrellas, then I went straight to colorful carryalls, got distracted by the amazing hair pins, and ended up on the super useful and practically necessary mobile chargers! My absolute favorite would be the pink and gold color block! Working events and blogging at my local coffee shops, a cute, cordless charger is a must, and I would love to score it from the new Ban.do collection!



  4. Sami

    How does anyone pick just one Ban.do that they love most?!?! That’s just impossible really. It’s like picking between cupcakes, donuts, and candy.. One of each please! ;)
    But because I have to choose just one.. I will go with the pink flip side clutch. You can never own too much pink!

  5. Kimberly

    Love that Dottie pattern. So cheery and fun. I can just picture wandering the drizzled streets with my dottie umbrella sipping out of my Dottie “Sip Sip Tumbler”. Even rainy days couldn’t keep me down then!

  6. Brooke

    It is a tough decision because each item made me squeal with delight – but the rain or shine umbrella (supercute hearts) is my favorite! If I won, every time rain hits the hearts, I will imagine the drops are applauding Ban.Do for making such a pretty little product :)

  7. Jamie G

    I am loving the Giant Gem Speaker as an adorable and useful gift for my besties… would make an excellent bridesmaid gift also! The Flip Side clutch is just begging to be purchased and filled with other goodies :)

  8. My fave band.do is the ‘I am Very Busy’ Ipad sleeve, because when I used to ask my little 2 year old niece if she would sing for me, she would say, “I can’t, I real busy”. And it was just the cutest little thing, so ever time I would look at this Ipad sleeve it would remind me of those precious times!

  9. Zenia Chavez

    I’m totally in LOVE with your iPhone 5 red ban.do !! When I saw it I new I had to have it, I mean my phone connects me to the people I love. I have the people I love in my phone so why not put a heart on my phone case. Love love love it

  10. April P.

    My favorite ban.do product is the Sip Sip Tumblers. Everything is better out of a festive tumbler.

  11. Renee Z

    My favorite is the gold twist scarf!! I NEVER do my hair (1. No time 2.its a pain) so I throw my hair up twist the scarf around my bun and Ta Daa!! It looks finished!! Definitely has saved me from embarrassment! Lol

  12. Hello Ban.do!
    I am just a little too obsessed with the pom poms! I already have a small collection going on and I am constantly pinning them in clusters on my cardigans. I also love to put them in my hair when it is in a bun. I adore the lavender and cantaloupe colors. So “spring-y” I need them!! (I also thought I would add the fact I bought my cat a Pom Pom for her collar…. no shame. The hot pink really pops against her black fur!)

  13. Nora

    There are so many super cute

  14. Katey

    I love the new black and white cup! I want it for work!

  15. Nora

    I would diffently pick… The sip dotie tumbler , I think it would just go just great with my dotie

  16. Torrie

    I am loving the twist head wraps and that heart canvas tote! Both would motivate me to get my butt out of the house this spring with my girls. I would love to be caught out & about in them – it would step up my mom game considerably ;) Also, who doesn’t love something with a giant heart on it?! And the wraps would be excellent to tame my hair when I can’t be bothered to actually do anything, haha. Thank for an awesome giveaway! :)

  17. Nora

    There are so many cute treats!!! But I would diffently pick… The sip dotie tumbler , I think it would just go just great with my dotie umbrella I ordered plus!!!! It Would be an AweSoMe slice of cake on Birthday!!! Day,,,

  18. I just love the Power Trip. It makes me smile. It makes me want to show off my cables me instead of hiding them :) For me it’s the cable revol(ove)ution!

  19. Samantha M

    The pink and gold mobile charger because who doesn’t love that color combo, it’s so fun, stylish, and bright, part of Bando’s mission :) Thanks for creating the cutest products around.

  20. Serena



  21. Aimee

    There once was a gal who had grown out of her love toward her dated iPhone 4. That poor phone went through a lot. Now, armed with her shiny new iPhone 5s, she was the happiest she had been in years; but something was missing. She wasn’t just ready to see this phone in the buff — she knew her phone was just as uncomfortable, being naked and afraid. After seeing the cases on shopbando, the girl and her phone knew what needed to be done. Any of these new cases would provide protection and a whole new level of “chic.” The girl smiled and knew that, even if she didn’t win this wonderfully crafted giveaway, she’s found comfort in knowing that she and her new gadget will feel at ease in these fashionable tech get-ups.

  22. Rachel

    I would love a twist scarf in yellow and white for my head.
    It will make my hair look great on those days I just roll out of bed.
    All the way around my hair or just on a bun.
    It will keep me looking stylish and fun.
    I think they’re so cute and an accessory must.
    Having one is all I want! Well…that and a bigger bust. ;)

  23. HOLLI

    The HOORAY bag! Because when you walk around with chronic bitch face you need a happy bag for balance !!

  24. Claire

    I have always had a passion for hair flair. Even more so after I cut my hair into a pixie just a little over a year ago. Now I find that hair accessories are the easiest way to spice it up – especially since I can’t curl it or throw it in a bun like I used to. All of the twist scarves are pretty amazing, bu then you came out with new colors, like the blush with gold triangles and dots. My heart kipped a beat a little. Triangles, blush pink, polka dots! I cannot think of a better way to ring in spring (which may never come in MN) than by wearing some new hair flair!

  25. Malinda

    I love the Hooray canvas tote! I was diagnosed with diabetes a month ago. Everyday I wake up I’m grateful to still be alive, but at the same time I have to remind myself that life is always good. I love the hooray tote because it’s happy! Everyday we have the opportunity to choose to be awesome or to let life overwhelm us. I’ve found that it’s the little things that make the difference–hooray totes, pink lipstick, dark chocolate–in my ability to choose to be awesome and remember that it’s a great day to be alive!

  26. Hillary

    The sip sip tumbler in Dottie is my new favorite because it’s bright & fun and because some creepy guy at work took a swig from my plain tumbler thinking it was his! It’s all fabulous, but iced coffee comes first.

  27. Helen

    Oh shop bando,
    How I love you so.
    Patterns galore, It’s never a chore
    To prance through your store.

    You might think me a loon
    But give me a boon
    Your gem speaker is the greatest delight!


  28. Abigail McCann

    My FAVORITE Ban.do you ask? Hmm… She thinks for a minute, puts her chin in her hand and cocks her head the right amount. Got it, she snaps her fingers. The mini heart ban.do headband in mint and silver. Because… When I wear it i know I’ll feel like I can do anything, change the world, be the first women president, master graphic design, write a book, ANYTHING! I will be a role model, and inspiration to young and old women alike everywhere! (And, it will be the perfect touch to my outfit for my date on Friday night, but she kept that to herself).

    Writing style inspired by b.J. Novacks book of short stories, “One More Thing”. That’s right people, he wrote a book and it’s awesome.

  29. Emily K

    My favorite ban.do is…everything! But my most favorite today is the Sip Sip Tumbler in
    Frills. Because you’re supposed to drink a bajillion oz of water while pregnant, and you might as well do it in style. Also because when I’m not pregnant, my fruity cocktails will be fabulous in it :)

  30. Ummmm, when I see the Giant Gem Speaker, I’m like “don’t mind if I ban.DO!” I’m convinced that the cuteness of blasting music from a hot pink, gem shaped speaker will make it sound, well, richer!
    xoxo, S

  31. Alli C

    Everything is so adorable but my fav (and most useful) item would have to be the Flip Side Clutch in Mermaid and Gold – as a clutch or over the shoulder option, are both so perfect. And the colors are fabulous. Perfect for spring and summer here in Sunny Florida! Thanks!

  32. alissa

    I’m totally in love with the crossbody party pouch in perfect pink + blush! It’s the perfect size for all your party essentials – lipstick, cell phone and confetti!

  33. My FAVORITE new Ban.do item would have to be the Power Trip because my phone is ALWAYS on low battery after scrolling through Instagram (mostly looking at all of Ban.do’s fun posts!) I also like that I can carry the chords around in style and also never worry that I am going to lose battery…now there is no excuse why I can’t go on Instagram 24/7!!!

  34. Kelly R

    Going, going…back, back…to Cali, Cali! I will MOST DEFINITELY be requiring the ultra fantastic Power Trip (in stripe/mermaid/blush please!) to accompany me on my solo road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway in May! I cannot wait to blast some tunes with my pretty little phone with it’s pretty little cords! I’M TOO EXCITED TO SLEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!

  35. The back up mobile chargers because you can never just have one. From your purse to your car to your boyfriend’s house. I really love mine and it works so good!

  36. Joanne P

    Power Trip for those of us with a cord thief in our mists, its always “by mistake” ummm hmmm. I’m just saying, it happens alot by mistake. I’ll be damned if I’m going to let my man snag this cute bando cord, most likely he would have his man card taken away which is more the reason I NEED ONE. Just saying. Happy wife, happy life.

  37. Kendall Szczerba

    My favorite Ban.do item has to be the adorable zip zip pouch because what a perfectly sized pouch for all the important things a girl could need! I’d love to keep some cash, my ID, a lip gloss and my phone in there. I love big purse but this would help keep the “necessities” all together! Not to mention, who wouldn’t want to flash those adorable designs when paying for groceries or ordering that second captain and coke ;) I LOVE ME SOME BAN.DO!!!

  38. Claire Kat Erickson

    Definitely the POWER TRIP – YELLOW/FRILLS/NEON PINK!!! It’s so freakin’ cool and snazy! And would totally stand out to all the plain ones that everyone else has! It’s the unicorn of power cords!

  39. Desiree

    Have your read the book Creative Confidence by Tom & David Kelly?
    If not, it’s kind of like this .. you can not pinpoint creativity to one mere attribute. Which is why, I can not choose one ban.do, because they are all creative, in their own ways and should all have equal recognition.
    Your blog keeps my creative juices flowing and inspire me to make more
    …and even live more, colorfully.
    All I can say is your ban.do–s spark a sense of complete-ness, of color, of simplicity.

  40. Hey now! My must have Ban.do is actually on my blog today–the Disco Tech Wristlet! I love the Frills print (although the Cantaloupe is just as pretty), and the take-anywhere size, but I especially love that it comes with instructions: Have Fun!
    xx, Angelica

  41. Pam Gibson

    The I Am Very Busy ipad sleeve, because that happens to be my motto!

    It’s a must have for me. I just want to show it off and not say a word lol.
    xo Pam

    • bando

      it’s totally our motto too! busy girls!

  42. I’m head over heels in love with the new collection but my favorite new item has to be the rain or shine umbrella with the hearts. I love in Seattle so it is rainy much more often than not, it can feel so boring wearing rainboots and carrying a boring old umbrella everyday. A playful pattern makes me want to jump in puddles instead of pouting about the gray skies!

  43. Sarah Witmer

    Having newly discovered band.do it’s incredibly difficult to pick just one thing I think is “the coolest”! But if I have to…With spring on its way all I can look at are the bright colors of the Dottie tumbler and phone case but am captivated by everything Frills! What a fun classic print that can be fashioned year round! Whether it be the Frills tumbler, key chain pouch or tech wristlet I am just head over heels for that pattern! Congratulations on a chic, sweet, fun new line!

    Xo Sarah

  44. mhan81

    would it be lame if i said everything? :) if i must choose..i love the crossbody party pouch in mermaid bc i am always losing my phone and it is the perfect solution. not only is it practical it is also SOOO gosh darn cute!

  45. Rachel

    This website is perfect for a high school student like myself because the prices are affordable and there are so many items that have super cute designs on them which just makes me smile just writing that because I pride myself on having really cute and adorable school supplies like my package of colorful pens and erasers shaped like food because not only does it brighten my day when I pull out my pencil case, the look on my classmate’s faces when I show them my array of supplies is the best! What really caught my eye on your website was the tumbler with the dots because I think it compliments my personality really well and I could already see myself pulling it out and smiling because of how cute it is. Plus, it would remind me to stay hydrated throughout the day because the water fountains at school are a big no-no for me. I can think about is other people’s germs! I just shuddered just thinking about it.

    I am really glad that I stumbled upon this site and I can’t wait to share this website with all my friends!

    sincerely, Rachel

  46. Anna

    I can spend hours looking through all the pretty things on this site. I personally love all of the hair accessories. They’re just so sweet and girls and instantly adds just a feminine flair. I’m currently lusting over the print and shine bobbi set in pink and black. These oversized bobbis are just so fun!

  47. Genie

    I love love love the perfect pink & cantaloupe ear buddies! they are sort of like putting smarties in your ear- thought that will probably make me that weird person laughing to their music on the bus ;)

  48. Stacey

    I love the whole collection, but I would have to say the sip sip tumbler in super cute hearts is at the top of my wish list! Every morning for the last couple of months my mum and I make a breakfast smoothie together, it’s a way of spending a bit of time together in our busy lives and a healthy start to our days! The smoothies would look so cute in the heart tumbler and I’m sure they’d taste even better too!


  49. allison

    i am LOVING the hearts iphone charger! since i tend to drain my phone battery stalking you guys on instagram, this would definitely come in handy! ;)

  50. Sarah Baumbach

    Ohhh!!! I’m super super obsessed with the Flip Side Clutch in mermaid+metallic gold. I would just fill it with all my other little goodies from ban.do and happiness.It’s just so delightful and cozy. That supercute heart lining is to die for! It totally matches my sip sip tumbler that I’ve already ordered! I would LOVE to rock this bag.


  51. Amy Adams

    Oh me! Oh my! Do my eyes tell a lie? Is Power Trip the perfect solution for being practical, yet hip? Those colors! Those patterns! That mermaid! It’s time to kiss boring Apple white goodbye!

  52. Laura Boyd

    The HOORAY tote is just about the cutest thing on the planet. EVER. Want to get everyone I know one. Then we shall meet and exclaim together.

  53. Stephanie

    The Dottie Tumbler!! I’ve been wanting to get one of these for forever but this is the first one that is fun enough for me to want to carry it everywhere! School, Beach, Work, Car Trips… this would be my new favorite accessory xx

  54. My fave band.do NO.1 is the ‘I am Very Busy’ Ipad sleeve!
    I am always on the go with my iPad so t will be perfect!

    No. 2 is the HOORAY tote! It isthe cutest tote EVER.
    I wanna carry it around on the campus and scream “HOORAY!!”

  55. whit carabillo

    i love it ALL but my fave is the cross body party pouch in mermaid & metallc gold. this pouch is the most perfect bag for warm weather, travel, leisurely days…all while staying trendy and looking FAB!

  56. Tanisha

    Hi! Me again! :-D so I have probably studied this a lot more than I should have but when you ask a girl to pick just one thing as a fave- this is a pretty hard task. I love the pink and gold mobile charger… It’s cute as ever and super necessary. As a young mom ;-) with 3 kids 4 and under I tend to forget to charge my phone at night and finding myself panicking because I am at Less than %5 battery at the most inopportune times! Amongst many others- the heart tumbler, the Dottie umberella, the pink gem speaker… Aaggh! This is so hard lol! Please pick me :-D xoxo

  57. Andrea Darst

    Wow! Really hard to choose just one favorite – love so many items! All so cute and fun for spring! I have to go with the Disco Tech Wristlet in Frills, though, because I just got the iPhone 5S for Christmas and have been looking for the perfect wristlet and this one is it hands down!

  58. Quyen

    Happy Fun Friday! Here’s a little jingle. :)

    Dot, umbrella, to shield the rain
    Rays of sun are coming soon
    Me, I need some new speakers
    Fall in love with headbands and bobbies
    So, I sing a little song
    La, la la la la la la
    ban, na na na na na na
    And that will bring us now to do!

    Dot, Rays, Me, Fall, So, La, ban.do <3

    My favorite new item is the pink speaker, because I love listening to music and singing. Also, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Sparkle on ladies!

  59. JulieD

    I love the color block iPhone cases! And the cute heart phone charger. I want all of it!! :)

  60. Grace atkins

    The color block iphone cases!! Love them.

  61. Allie

    LOVE the new tumbler cups, especially in the dottie print. I’m always looking for fun cups to carry my ice coffee or water in and this one is so great :)

  62. Amanda

    I live the new tumblers – they’d make my transition from giving up coffee for healthy green juice each morning much prettier!

  63. Kristina

    my favorite item is definitely the crossbody party pouch in mermaid! love the color and it would be the perfect piece to prance around town with when i don’t feel like wearing a huge bag!

  64. Erica Garcia

    My favorite Bando is everything! Of the new line I love the umbrella, beer cozy’s (I say cozy!!), the tote bags. And when you make iPad mini cases the ” very busy ok” is the tops!!!

  65. Michelle

    I love ALL of these items…but living in Vancouver I would really love the little heart umbrella! It is adorable. xx

  66. The back me up hearts charger is my favorite! It will be so handy when I kill my battery over indulging in Instagram and taking pictures! Such a neat invention and it’s adorable and stylish!

  67. there’s some serious gold goin’ down here, ban.do gals! I’m a bit partial to the Dottie umbrella, as I can see m’self using it in many’a photo shoot, especially with a bride to cheer her up should it rain on her day. plus, who wouldn’t ‘like’ those circles of color if they popped up in their insta feed?! happy friday! xx

  68. Geanna

    My favorite item is the heart bag with the stripes because its just so fun and the perfect size. I’m in need of a new bag for school so I feel like it would be perfect and fun.

  69. Kelsey

    I adore the busy iPad case, and I think I might need that heart umbrella… because these wintery mixes are going to change to just rain now, right?

  70. AB

    My favorite thing is the “I AM VERY BUSY” pouch. Because, you know, I am.

  71. Katia

    I love the plastic tumbler with the red hearts and blue straw! I’m a teacher and try to set a good example for my students by not using plastic water bottles.

  72. Jessica

    I love everything you guys put out! However, my favorite is the Crystal Crush Bobbi in the multicolor because it’s so bright and happy, and reminds me of the hair clips my grandma used to put in my hair when I was a kid. I miss her so much, and this would be a great reminder! :)

  73. Brianne

    The black and white polka dot twist scarf!!!! Because I instantly gasped and smiled when I saw it! I’m always looking for a way to get my hair out of my face while working and still look cute hehe! Perfect accessory to any outfit to add a little fun and elegance. I’d never take it off! Xox

  74. Molly

    Hmm.. Favorite item ? That’s hard to choose! I love love love the tumblers because they are big enough to carry my water for the whole day!!

  75. Tam

    I’m loving the back me up mobile charger and the umbrella both in the heart print. Way to turn situations that could ruin your day into adorable accessories!

  76. Emily Faulkner

    Although I could see myself carrying any of the new items, I love love love the new back me up charger in pink and gold! So cute!

  77. Whitney

    I’m obsessed with is all….between the mobile chargers (look at the cords!) and the iPhone cases (love!) to the new pouches (need them!)

  78. Tessa

    i love the sip sip tumbler!

  79. Lindsay

    If I absolutely have to pick just ONE favorite I have to say the I Am Very Busy iPad case. It’s just too cheeky and cute to pass up! I do love all the new arrivals :)

  80. Eri

    I super super love the giant gem speakers! They are super cute plus I can blast some music while dancing with my babies. I also really love the pink heart shoe clips because hearts and pink duh! <3

  81. Jordan Gaines

    I die over the flip side mermaid and gold clutch because what in the hell is there not to LOVE?!? Too cute

  82. Nicki

    I love the umbrella!!

  83. Brooke

    The giant gem speake!

  84. Lindsay Nakaya

    I love love love the carryall duo – chit chat + frills especially in the black and white scalloped design and the one with the pink words on it. I like the black and white one because it reminds me of smiling teeth :D And black and white is always chic. As for the one with pink words on it… its basically me in bag form… it won’t stop talking and who doesn’t love pink!

  85. Hilary Jentzsch

    You know those days when things are just a little off kilter? And then your favorite drinking cup drops and it cracks in the lid and is forever ruined because of your own stupidity? Well, this brings me to the fact that I love your new printed insulated cups! All of them are so cute, and I am planning to buy one if I don’t win. Your stuff is so bright it just makes me happy!

  86. Quetzalli

    I’m so hook up with the Giant Gem Speaker, Is so cute and glamorous!! Just a beautiful and super stylish piece of art that also plays music… In love!!

  87. Megan

    All such lovely items! It is certainly hard to pick just one. The pink/gold charged would be amazing and super useful!! I take the LA city buses/subways/trains on my commute to work -2 hrs each way…yikes!- and love looking at blogs/Instagram. This would be great to have this to recharge my phone. Thank you for such a great giveaway! Fingers crossed.


    • Megan

      Sorry! I am entering this contest on a bus where we are packed like sardines. The gold/pink chargeR.

  88. Emmy

    I’m in love with the stripe mermaid blush power cord because my husband keeps stealing MY power cords & claiming their his! He cannot possibly get away with it if I own this one. Also, I’m pretty sure I’m ACTUALLY a mermaid so anything called “mermaid” was meant to be mine!

  89. Katie Marshall

    I looooove the Print and Shine Bobbi set!!! Why? Because my hair is boring. All the time. I hardly ever do anything to it and these are the most fabulous way to add a little pizazz to my daily ‘do!

  90. Sabrina

    Living the ban.do umbrella! Wouldn’t be caught without it rain or shine in sunny SoCal! :)

  91. Meredith

    Everything is so beautiful – love all of the products & so happy to follow you on instagram! I think I love the portable charger in gold. I hate having my phone die on me after a long day at university! xo.

  92. Sarah

    No joke. That mint blue charger set for iphones is BANANAS! I am seriously in love! Plus my iphone cord is falling apart soooo…. perfect timing :)

    xoxo Sarah

  93. sari pogorzelski

    I am in love with the chit chat and frills pouches from the spring arrivals. I am currently a graduate student at Columbia University studying Early childhood education. Between the hussel and bussel of class, student teaching, and exploring NYC, the chit chat and frills pencil pouch prints capture the essence of everything I love. It taps into my inner kindergartener who loves all things fun and bright while maintaining the essance of sophistication and boldness all NYC girls, whether native or new, strive to maintain in a beautiful but crazy world. Thanks for capturing this in a print my students, peers, colleagues, and self can all love!

  94. Tiffany

    I really can’t pick just one item. I love the heart umbrella. I have never bought an umbrella in my life. I usually steal my parents but I can’t wait to get that one. I also love the heart tote. I think it’s super cute for carrying extras around. I want to use it as a baby bag.

  95. Alesha

    That black and white striped twist scarf is calling my name. It’s also telling me that it will make me look great when my hair isn’t so great and is pulled up in a bun…

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