festival faves!

ok, so now that you’ve picked out your favorite cut out dress and your favorite pair of heart sunnies, it’s time to accessorize! can’t find anything cool? don’t sweat it (you’ll be doing tons of that at coachella). lucky for you, we singled out ourĀ festival faves. toss your cell and some credit cards in our cross body party pouch and you’re ready to hit the sahara tent. or, throw on someĀ pom pom flowers to let people know you’re all about good vibes. and excuse me? you’re going to coachella to see bands, not all that hair in your face; so tie back those loose locks with our easy breezy twist scarfs. and lastly, drinks sleeves…nuff said.

  1. maggie

    I may not be going to any music festivals in the near future, but I need that cross body party pouch in my life ASAP.

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