april showers

okay, so it barely rans in LA, we know that. but when it does, we totally wanna be seen with the cutest umbrella on the block! say hello to our rain or shine umbrella! they’re only $28 dollars and come in two patterns:  supercute hearts, and dottie! they’re perfect for adding a little color and happiness to those dreary rainy days and they keep your hair in check! we’re also pretty sure they’d look super cute with those wellies you’ve been dying to wear all year! oh, and did we mention that you’ll be the only one with an umbrella that has a cool heart handle, scouts honor!

  1. Bekka

    I meant to tell you gals that I was walking down the street with this umbrella around my wrist the other day. I walked past these two adorable twin girls and one pointed to me and said, “LOOK! A HEART!!!” These kids were stoked on that heart handle. You are making days left and right!

    • bando

      OMG! that’s so great! so happy it’s getting such strong reactions!! thanks for letting us know doll face!

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