we’re having a studio sale!

yup, you heard right! we’re moving studios and cleaning out our closets! trust us, if you’re in LA, you don’t want to miss this! we’re going to have massive discounts on everything…oh, and did we mention that there will be grab bags? here are the deets!

when is it going down? saturday, april 26th
where? the ban.do studio! 7958 beverly blvd. los angeles, ca 90048
what time? 11-2pm
what can i expect?  fun! (duh), sparkles, pinatas, vintage ban.do, samples, fabric, props, vintage dresses, trim, vintage millinery supplies, photo shoot wardrobe, party supplies, funny stuff, craft supplies, cuteness, trinkets, hair accessories and other cool stuff!
cash or card? both, it’s 2014!

and don’t forget to follow bandofunsale on instagram! we’re sharing tons of sneak peeks of all the fun stuff that’ll be on sale!

  1. mika

    wait, march?

  2. Laura Boyd

    Do you mean April or perhaps May I hope?

    • bando

      it’s april! you got us!

  3. maggie

    Ooooh, count me in! See you all a week from Saturday!

    • bando

      yay! see you there!

  4. Beverly

    This sounds like so-much-fun! I wish I lived in LA :(

  5. MaggieM

    OMG! SO GREAT! Was just wondering if you’d do one of these again! I still wear a lot of the stuff I grabbed last time you had a sale like this probably 2 years ago!

    I”M THERE!

    • bando

      see you there!

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