link love 5/2

it’s official! we’ve moved and we’re calling our new digs the party house! we spent all week packing, unpacking and dealing with inevitable moving hazards like no internet and no AC. we’re so glad we picked the perfect week to move – hello 100 degrees! NOT. however, we have some pretty awesome neighbors (we’re looking at you pinches tacos and chateau marmont) and we can’t wait to get more acquainted with our new hood! stay tuned for an awesome studio tour once we’ve decked out our new place!

also, a huge thank you to everyone who came out to our studio sale last saturday! we had quite a turnout. for those of you who couldn’t make it, we’re thinking about doing an online version of the sale so be on the lookout! happy friday, here’s link love!

5 ways to keep you healthy at work on!

the prettiest blue headband on high heels and happy hartz.

tote-ally in love with spring fashion on e online!

the only tech items you’ll need at a music fest on pret-a-reporter.

elsie and emma have killer sister style on a beautiful mess!

fun faves on peridot skys.

sparkly and colorful accessories on oh so beautiful paper.

hello giggles found the cutest phone charger ever!

cupcakes and cashmere’s favorite follows on instagram!

lea michelle’s darling backyard tour on domaine.

the happiest floral design class on oh happy day!

can’t wait to meet the mindells on studio diy!

birthday goodies on almost there.

snapshots from our studio sale on violently happy!

a cute and girly birthday outfit on haute pink pretty.

::image via max wanger::


  1. Oh, yaya! We made the list! <3

    Can't wait to see some of the party house! Oh and please do an online sale because I am all the way in Florida and can't quite swing by the studio. #kthanksbye

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