we take fun VERY seriously at so much so that we decided to make a print of all of favorite fun things. say hello to the fun pattern. this print really says it all. is everything from roller coasters to disco balls. we love this pattern so much that we put it on some of our favorite new items including our rough draft notebook and our new iPhone case! looking for inspiration? not anymore!


pinball hall of fame!

you guys! the next time you’re in vegas watching britney, you HAVE to go to the pinball hall of fame. it’s a giant warehouse (not far from the strip) that’s filled with hundreds of pinball machines dating from the 50s all the way up to today. IT IS SO COOL! the best part? you can actually play them! most of the vintage machines were 25 cents per play and the modern ones were around 75 cents. did we mention that it’s also free to get in? even if pinball machines aren’t your thing, it’s still fun going to and getting inspired by all the fun vintage art. after we left, we started dreaming about opening a inspired pinball lounge in LA. think confetti floors and disco ball ceilings. anyone interested?

link love 9/12

YAY! gosh, how we love fridays. what’s everyone doing this weekend? if you’re not too busy, we have something you can add to your agenda…listen to the go-gos! it’s this weekend’s fun activity and it’s a good one for sure. some of our favorite songs? we’re totally into “we’ve got the beat” and “vacation.” whether your listening to these cool chicks on spotify or on a record player, this music will make you want to D-A-N-C-E! and speaking of spotify, make sure you listen to our summertime playlist. trust us, you won’t be disappointed with this mix. happy friday, here’s link love!

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dress up your desk!

whether you’re headed back to school or headed for that killer promotion, we’ve got fun stuff that will help you succeed in style. need something to hang on those bare walls? we’ve got just the thang. our art prints are way cute and will help you stay focusedkeep it real, and let everyone know that you’re VERY busy.

next up…having fun at your desk. our motto is work hard, play hard. that’s why we think that our gem speaker is perfect for those impromptu dance parties…because sometimes you just need a brain break. (ahem…we recommend this video). also, don’t be surprised if your desk becomes the new hang out spot.

so now that you’ve got your decor up, it’s time to get down to business. if you’re in class or on the job, taking notes is key. just make sure you have your rough draft notebook with you at all times, and you’re good to go. and jot down those really important notes with our sweet talk pen set. that way, when a co-worker or classmate asks you for a pen, hand em this cute gem AND a cute compliment.

whew! so we think we’ve covered everything. however, if you’re looking for even more desk accessories, click here!

nearly impossible!

calling all girl bosses! looking to expand your business? good news - jen gotch is speaking at the nearly impossible conference in san francisco this saturday. she’s breaking down how she was able to grow her business while still having fun (you can pretty much bet that there’ll be disco balls, kittens, and confetti involved). she’ll be in REALLY good company too, check out the other keynote speakers!  tickets are still available but are going fast. don’t forget to type in the code “bando100” for $100 off a regular priced ticket! now you GOTTA GO! see you in san fran lovelies!