the girlgang secret handshake

what’s cooler than a secret handshake? um…nothing! we slowed down our super secret handshake so you could really learn it and get it down. so the next time you see your bestie, do the secret handshake to let everyone know you’re a memeber of the girl gang!


Field Trippin – Disney

for our 6th birthday, we went to the happiest place on earth…DISNEYLAND! our good friends at uberLA were kind enough to give us a ride to and from the park. it was VERY relaxing and let’s face it… who wants to drive home at the end of a long day at disneyland? we didn’t.

when we got there, we made a b line straight to the mad hatter hatter’s shop on main street. because ya know…gotta rock those mickey ears! we rode all the classics like: space mountain, matterhorn, it’s a small world, pirates of the caribbean, splash mountain, the tea cups, and the haunted mansion. next, we made our way to california adventure where we rode california screaming, soaring over california, and the tower of terror (our favorite!). we even made a new friend at the little mermaid ride! hi hilary!

and what’s a trip to disneyland without sweet treats? we’re talking about those amazing dole whips! speaking of good eats, we managed to get lunch reservations at the blue bayou! if you haven’t been, it’s freakin’ amazing! (a little tip: get the monte cristo sandwich).

at the end of the day, we all felt a more inspired and a little refreshed. how could you not be inspired by all the bright colors and elaborate attention to detail? you can find more of our disney photos on instagram!

::music by our boyfriend and pop star eric stone::

bts – have fun photo shoot

ever wonder what’s it’s like to be on a photo shoot? what it’s like to have max wanger  take your photograph and have bon puf swirl you the perfect cotton candy? tap the play button to find out! this DEFINITELY was the most fun we’ve ever had while on set. in true fashion, we incorporated fun props, confetti and balloons! we also may or may not have ended our days with hula hoop and dance contests!

::beats via eric stone::

our twist scarves are magical!

remember when we showed you how magical our pom poms are and that shoe clips can make you fly? well, we’ve got just one more trick up our sleeve…ta da! our TWIST SCARVES are magical too!

these super bendy sparkly little things can be anything you want them to be…just say abra cadabra and you’ve got a million options! wear it like a headband or a turban, a rosette or a bow, even an ascot! to add a little versatile fun to your outfit, twist scarves really do the trick.

go get yourself a super sparkly glitterati twist scarf (it comes in four super cute colors!) or, to be the star of the show, the metallic twist scarf!


our twist scarves are magical by on vimeo. this video was made with the talents of our very favorite magicians: sirs sharkpigson of sharkpig, and jared varava and madame kelly shew.

it’s a tee party!

kelly and jen spent a fun filled day with splendid and our favorite fellas of sharkpig creating a video and style guide for a new partnership!  our two colorful brands are teaming up and throwing some pretty awesome parties this summer: TEE parties to be exact!  and the best news is that the girls are hosting one of the parties this thursday, may 9th at the splendid store on robertson (details below).  if you’re smart (and we know you are) you’ll come meet all the gals, pick up some splendid tees and decorate them with pom pom flowers in every color.  there will be sips and snacks…and of course a smilebooth for a guaranteed good time! rsvp here.

p.s. kids and significant others are totally welcome. the MORE the MERRIER!

p.p.s. check out the #teesnpoms hashtag on instagram, twitter, and pinterest to get PUMPED!

* oh and if you’re not in l.a. here are the other party dates.

+ Robertson (Los Angeles) – May 9

+ San Jose, CA – May 18

+ Palo Alto, CA – June 8

+ Skokie, IL – June 29

+ Dallas, TX – July 13