looking for a SOLD OUT ban.do agenda?

September 22, 2015

oh dang! need to get your hands on SOLD OUT ban.do agenda? girl, don't sweat it. we've rounded up a few places that still them in stock. this is your last chance, don't say we didn't warn you!  furbish studio south moon under anthropologie  paper source dry goods  barnes & noble indigo books dillards (in stores only)  nordstrom kennedy book store altar’d state hattan home oh hello friend Select Follett Bookstores including:  STANFORD UNIVERSITY BOOKS GEORGE WASHINGTON BOOKSTORE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY CAMPUS STORE FAIRFIELD UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE THE UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI BOOKSTORE UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI BOOKSTORE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY CAMPUS STORE HAMMES NOTRE DAME BOOKSTORE GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA BOOKSTORE UNIVERSITY OF DENVER BOOKSTORE SFSU BOOKSTORE UNIVERSITY TEXAS/ARLINGTON BOOKSTORE GEORGIA STATE...

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