Holday Gift Guides

it’s just about time for holiday shopping! you haven’t even thought about it yet?! don’t fret, we’ve got your back.  we created some really fantastic gift guides for all the gals in your life. we made it so easy too! now you can do all of your holiday gifting from the comfort of your own home … thank you online shopping.  of course ban.dos are the perfect gift, so you’ll find plenty of those in each of the gift guides.  just in case you want to get your bestie another gift, we curated some of our favorite stuff from around the web to go with those ban.dos! who are these special ladies in your life? let us break it down for you:

the cotton candy lover – this cute lady loves pastels, sweet treats, and super girly things! essentially, she’s the typical ban.do gal.

your favorite sparkler – this gal loves sparkles, glitter, gold, shiny things, and sipping on champagne!

your girl gang – these are your super cool besties. they’re a little more edgy, but know how to have a good time!

the go-getter – the busiest girl you know! there are not enough hours in the day for this jet setter, workaholic, girl-on-the-go!

link love 11/7

hey guess what? the ban.do girl gang is hitting up the rose bowl flea market this weekend…in ROLLER SKATES! haha, just kidding. but how cool would that be? we’re going because we’ve all been dying to get our thrift on. some of us are looking for sparkly party dresses, some of us are looking for beautiful rose gold furnishings, and some just want to go, drink beer, and people watch! we’re also hoping we run into our bestie emily henderson. while you decide whether or not you want to hit up a flea market, take a look at our favorite links this week. see ya next week!

a little lady’s gift guide on jodi mckee!

a good as gold themed party! yes, it’s as sparkly as it sounds!

a walk down abbot kinney on studio diy.

gifts for your girlfriends on cupcakes and cutlery!

cool ways to give thanks this november.

winter wants on shirley anne!

we’re into this super glam outfit on hight heels and happy hartz.

girlie gifts under 20 bucks on do.say.give!

hip hip hooray, it’s november on hibrid.

::image by max wanger::

braid your hair!

this weekend on the ban.do to do list – braid your hair! pick your fav: the classic french braid, pigtail braids, fishtail, messy side braid, tiny pin back braid, maiden crown braids … really, the possibilities are endless!  so join in on the fun, get your girl gang together and start braiding! BFF stands for braids for friends, right?!

Fun with Stickers

stickers are our latest obsession and we have TONS of them lying around the studio. we put them on just about everything. this week, we went crazy on our iPhone cases! the ban.do cases are our favorite (obvi), but we all wanted to make them a little more personal. some gals only added a few stickers and some others went overboard with a sticker explosion. now we’re kind of obsessed. what do ya think?


link love 10/31

halloween can get pretty scary…like, cover your eyes during a horror movie kind of scary. luckily for everyone, ellen degeneres made this hilarious halloween video for those of us terrified of halloween and haunted houses. no joke, we were dying of laughter over here. we also went to gracias madre for spooky cocktails last night. just trust us and go people! so here’s hoping everyone has a safe and scary (but not too scary) halloween! and while you’re eating your weight in candy, be sure to check out our favorite links from around the (spider)web! see what we did there?

friday whims on your typical prep.

reasons why coat season is the best season on teapot.

diet coke, cookies, and hearts on whistlers & clovers!

a little girls fashion guide on mom’s best.

makeup bag must-haves on beautezine.

looking to treat yo self? start with these items on miami manhattan.

you know where all about this gem themed girls party.

toddler fashion on the girls with glasses.

a show-stopping look on bjones style.

pretty in pink on cheers to that darling!